New in Town: GoodFor Wholefoods Refillery

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Sustainable shopping just got a whole lot easier with the opening of GoodFor, New Zealand’s first zero waste + zero packaging store.

The wholefoods refillery stocks just about everything you need in bulk, eliminates the need for plastic packaging, and has countless healthy, natural goods for your clean and conscious lifestyle.

How does it work? The idea is simple: bring your own jar or container and fill it with wholefood goodies to your heart’s content.

I was incredibly excited to check out GoodFor, making a trip to the store last night before an event. I was even more thrilled when I discovered just the amount of variety they offered – from dried fruit & muesli, to protein powder, to sweet treats, they have it all. You’ll find not only wholefoods, cooking ingredients and snacks, but kombucha and organic coconut oil on tap!

For natural health, beauty and hygiene, you’ll find Earthwise cleaning products, shampoo and conditioner available as well as Ethique solid beauty bars, ranging from face cream to hair products. These are next to the glass mason jars you’re able to buy in case you forgot to bring your own, which come in different shapes & sizes. Of course, they can be refilled and reused indefinitely. And if you don’t need a whole jar, simply use one of the paper bags.

I left amazed and appreciative of this impactful store (and with chocolate pea protein powder!). The concept is minimalist, yet powerful; encouraging people to think about how we consume, inspiring mindful living, and helping us to reduce or eliminate all the packaging waste we use – creating a very satisfying shopping experience indeed.

GoodFor Wholefoods Refillery | 2 Williamson Ave, Grey Lynn | Facebook

Not sponsored.

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