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Desk + Vision Board (24)

Desk + Vision Board (32)

Desk + Vision Board (16)

What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create.

Hello friends,

If you read my personal story of why I fell in love with minimalism – THANK YOU! After such a lengthy introduction, today I’d love to start my minimalism series by sharing with you a light-hearted first glimpse into my life. Where to begin?!

Let’s start with my minimalist workspace + vision board.

Desk + Vision Board (21)

Say hello to my workspace. I wanted this to reflect some of my #minimalismgoals:

Less clutter, more simplicity.

Focusing on the things that matter.

Remembering to breathe, be thankful, and stop & smell the roses (literally!).

Why is it minimalist? To begin with, it’s tiny: measuring 76cm H x 78cm W x 46cm D, my desk is super simple. With no drawers, I have zero mess or forgotten things like in all my old desks. I also don’t have a desk chair: I use one from my dining set (perfect because it’s unlikely I’d be in my room anyway if we had enough guests to use all our chairs). Best of all, the clean white + white is already exactly what I wanted!

Desk + Vision Board (27)

In my workspace are the everyday things I treasure:

–  fresh pink roses | one of my favourite things in the world. There’s just something about them that feels youthful, happy, and romantic.

– kikki.K quote cards | from the Be Brave collection, I love my pink + peach reminders and motivational tools to face today fearlessly, perched on a cute wooden stand.

– Peace Lily | this plant is not only gorgeous with its big green leaves and white flowers, it’s a natural air purifier!

– my handmade soy candle | I always have a candle burning for the lovely ambiance, fragrance & glow of light. I love using it to meditate – it’s a simple step to instant calm.

You’ll see a beautiful background displayed across my laptop screen with the greeting: “Good afternoon, Sophia”, a to-do list, plus the question,

“What is your main focus for today?”

This is Momentum, a free Chrome extension you can use to open new tabs and boost your productivity.

Good Afternoon

I’m absolutely in love with it and thought I’d play around a bit to show you some of the backgrounds:




Brilliant stuff!

Desk + Vision Board (7) (3000x2000)


Above my desk is my precious Vision Board. What’s a vision board, you ask?

I would simply define it as a visual wishlist of everything you want to attract.

Other definitions are:

A board to help you use visualisation to manifest your goals and dreams

A tool to help you clarify and focus on your life goals

A layout of your goals and dreams to create positivity and abundance

I’ve been making vision boards for years and always find it fun, refreshing, and motivating. It’s the easiest thing to find pictures of what inspires you and to place them on your board, but it has profound and long-lasting effects. Managing a luxury makeup counter, travelling, and managing my money were all goals on my previous vision boards that came true! (Though some of them are also in my bucket list book… Yes, I have a bucket list book which I’ll share with you too!)

My vision board is a collection of visuals representing either things I already have, love, and believe, or things I want to have, such as..

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

Why is this quote centre? It means a lot to me because it’s what motivated me to stop worrying, and just start doing. I always wanted to start photography, but thought, “Maybe when I get a better camera”, “Maybe when I complete studying photography”, “Maybe when I have more equipment”. But I just started, with what I had, the best I could, and it was one of the best decisions I made. I learnt that you’ve got to let go of your fear of failure.

“You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want.” / “Change your thoughts & you’ll change your world.”

I got these quote cards from kikki.K’s Minimalist collection and have always loved these two reminders of the law of attraction – clear and to the point, they remind me to keep my thoughts in line with the person I want to be and the good things I want to attract into my life.

A Visa Prezzy card holder 

I got this when I won a $50 Prezzy card for a work achievement last year, in the same month I won $150 in Prezzy cards for a team challenge and earned a big bonus. The best thing is? I genuinely worked really hard to achieve those results, and the prize just made it more satisfying.

So why do I keep some writing from my Team Leader in a card holder? It’s a reminder for myself when I get doubtful: an affirmation that I am hardworking, dedicated, and passionate. I don’t always succeed at being that person, but that is the person I will always try my best to be.

Jana Williams + wedding photos

The beautiful woman at the bottom of the vision board is Jana Williams, my photography idol. Her photos are minimalist but glamorous; whenever I see them I can’t help but stop and stare in awe. I love the way she captures special moments and how you can almost feel the raw emotions depicted in her visual storytelling. I’ve put up 2 of her photos – the one of the bride & groom is from a magazine, reminding me of my desire to learn more about wedding photography and to capture a photo just like that one day. ❤


It isn’t my biggest goal at the moment, but it definitely is one. In 5 years, I’d like to look at buying a second house and own even just one investment property. Why? As I’m not currently working, if it weren’t for my nest egg and cushion of savings plus a little passive income, I’d really be struggling. Because life is unpredictable and ever-changing, I talked to a lot of people about life insurance in my previous job. And personally, I’ve decided I would prefer something else: to save at least 6 month’s salary and to have some sort of passive income, so that if I’m ever hit by an unexpected life event, I won’t be troubled financially as I probably already will be emotionally. It’s an investment in not only my security but my children’s future.. Who knows? When I have kids, perhaps the house can be theirs.

Star Wars Kinder Surprise toys

Before my boyfriend and I were together, I surprised him with a box of Star Wars themed Kinder Surprises. (This was around the time Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out, and we’d talked about how much we loved the movie.) I didn’t know that he liked me, too, and even though he’s hard to read, he seemed visibly more cheerful for the rest of the day. It will always be a cute little memory of when we were both interested in each other, but didn’t know! I got myself a box, too, so we swapped some of the toys with each other when we got duplicates. We both keep them, and whenever I look at them and reminisce this special little moment in our story, I can’t help but feel happy, warm and fuzzy.

So what should you put on your vision board, and why?

My thoughts are:

Things that make you happy, because you attract more of what you feel.

Goals you want to achieve, because you’ll be reminded of them everyday.

People or quotes that inspire you because you’ll always remember the kind of person you want to be – even when you don’t wake up feeling like it.

But essentially? What you want to attract more of. It’s up to you, and the possibilities are endless!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little minimalist workspace. If you have, you may be interested where I got my amazing large vision board and purifying Peace Lily!


As always, not sponsored. ❤

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