Minimalism | What I Got Rid Of + How to Let Go of Your Things

Hello friends,

Today I’d like to share with you things I got rid of!

You may be wondering: why is it worthwhile to share? Well, surprisingly, this is one of my favourite topics discussed by minimalists, along with “things I stopped buying”. By seeing what others have gotten rid of, and choose to live without, it inspires me to declutter, throw away, gift, sell, donate, and clear my space and my mind – essentially, more ways to live with less.

During the process, one of my best friends asked me, “Mind you, how do you get rid of things like your YSL lipsticks? The packaging is so beautiful, I’d have so much difficulty throwing something like that away.” This also inspired me to share with you how I let things go.

What I Got Rid Of

IMG_0868 (3000x2000)

IMG_0869 (3000x2000)

First, I looked at my bookshelf and identified some books that I’ve loved but don’t plan to read again. I decided to go with Big Magic, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Focus, and It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be. Some of these books are brilliant, but my bookshelf is getting so full (especially since I prefer real books to e-books)! I wanted them to bring value and inspiration to someone else’s life, and I thought a whole ‘inspiration bundle’ would be a great way to do that.


Another thing I have a lot of is lipsticks. I used to manage a luxury makeup counter, and constantly accumulated more makeup as a result of sales incentives, staff rewards & competitions, and being able to buy makeup at wholesale prices. I was overzealous and bought heaps.

Moreover, I no longer wear bright, intense lip colours. So I decided to sell my YSL and NARS lipsticks in colours like bright pink, bubblegum candy pink, and coral. I still have enough lipstick to last me years, but I’m closer to being able to replace my collection with eco-friendly, vegan & cruelty free lipsticks.

IMG_0871 (3000x2000)

IMG_0876 (3000x2000)

I also had plenty of makeup brushes that I wasn’t using. Most of them came in a set, meaning I didn’t individually choose each brush. These include an amazing Sigma kabuki brush, four brushes from Bubzbeauty’s range, and my makeup school’s own brand of brushes.

Excitedly, I made another bundle. This is enough for someone to apply everything: foundation, blush, bronzer, powder, and eyeshadow!

IMG_0908 (3000x2000)

IMG_0910 (3000x2000)

My brand new Pandora Heart Bracelet also had to go. The silver & cubic zirconia bracelet was truly a gorgeous gift; however, I simply don’t wear bracelets. Perhaps it’s because they don’t fit on me (I have tiny wrists), or because I find them annoying, but I just had to honestly admit I wasn’t ever going to wear it. It’s worth about $100 retail price but I listed it online for less than half of this, and I hope the next owner can love it way more than I did!

IMG_0903 (3000x2000)

IMG_0905 (3000x2000)

Somehow, when I moved into my first home, I got too excited and bought too many bowls. These round edged speckled bowls were too cute to resist. They also went with my monochromatic decor theme. But as time went on I discovered we had too many kitchen items and I decided to gift this set of four.

IMG_0894 (3000x2000)IMG_0897 (3000x2000)IMG_0902 (3000x2000)

With a bunch of colourful miscellaneous items lying around, I had an idea: why not make this bundle of bright, colourful goodies (most of which are brand new)? Here’s what I gathered: two A4 notebooks, one A5 glitter notebook, a skipping rope, a calculator, a stencil, and a sheet of Disney Princess stickers. I also found some brand new, unused packs of glitter that I added. To me, a kid would absolutely love it!




I said goodbye to the old me by selling & donating clothes I no longer wear – bright pieces, super sparkly pieces, or dresses I wore when I partied. It honestly felt great letting these go, as most of them were from a time when I wasn’t really moving forward in life or living consciously with intention. Some of the items have only been worn once or twice! This included this silver & black sequinned dress with sweetheart neckline from Dotti, or elegant, trendy pink blazer from Forever New.

IMG_0878 (3000x2000)

IMG_0880 (3000x2000)

Last year my friend gifted me a new travel wallet, so I was able to say goodbye to this one. It’s from Forever New, whose style is always feminine and elegant, and this is no exception: the floral design is gorgeous! Plus, I had a space for my cards, passport, ID, coins, receipts, and even folded documents. I knew someone else was going to find it extremely handy, so I donated it.

IMG_0912 (3000x2000)

IMG_0913 (3000x2000)

These beautiful candles, handmade by me, had little surface imperfections, so I decided to sell them as yet another bundle. In Jasmine, Coconut Lime & Cinnamon Orange, the fragrances are all absolutely delicious!



I also gifted my power bag. I bought this 2 years ago with the hope of using it the same as I would a weight bar, because I love Les Mills BODYPUMP class, but I discovered I just didn’t like using it as much. It’s still useful for squats, deadlifts, deadrows, and power presses, but I think I’ll end up getting a bar instead!

Here’s some ideas for what you can get rid of:

Things that came in a set. Chances are, you only use a few of your favourite items from the set and can do without the rest.

Anything you have duplicates of. You might have duplicates from buying too many of something, or being gifted a replacement. This is an easy one to say goodbye to yet will help clear your space (and your mind).

Unused gifts or bought items. Even though we’re grateful for gifts, sometimes we just don’t get around to using them. Same for items you bought with the intention of using, and is now sitting collecting dust.

Books you don’t plan to re-read. Anything that doesn’t fill you with excitement at the thought of reading again should go.

Clothes you don’t plan to wear again. Anything that you’ve outgrown physically or mentally. If it doesn’t make you feel great when you wear it, let it go.

Handmade arts & crafts. I make candles, and perhaps you make other arts and crafts at home. Why not sell any that aren’t absolutely perfect, or are in excess?

Now to answer the question,

“How do you get rid of your things?”

It can be hard saying goodbye, but doing these things makes it simple. Here are the 3 main things I do:

– I’m honest with myself as to if I’m going to use something again. For example, my lipsticks are stunning, but would I use them again, or will they just go to waste? Honesty helps me to stop hoarding what I can give to someone else.
Question to ask yourself: Could they bring someone else more joy than they bring me?

– I use the 90/90 minimalist method. This is so simple, meaning you don’t have to think hard to know whether to keep something.
Question to ask yourself: Have I used it in the past 90 days, and do I plan to use it in the next 90 days?

– I focus on my why; on the positive outcome and how great I’ll feel after. What is it I want? Focusing on how amazing and refreshed it’ll make me feel emotionally helps me to declutter my physical space.
Question to ask yourself: Why do I want to declutter & minimise in the first place? Would letting go of these bring a sense of purpose, freedom and clarity?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and hopefully it’s inspired you in some way. Thank you for reading!

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  1. I have been looking at different ways to get rid of some items I own. I love the idea of minimalism, and am looking forward to practicing this. I love the tips you have given, you have inspired me to donate a lot of my books to charities, and will use my kindle a lot more! I always forget I have it due to prefering real books. I love the 90/90 thing aswell, am going to be using that when going through my items. Great post!xo

    Liked by 1 person

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