Trade Aid Haul | Organic + Fair Trade Favourites!


Hello friends,

Today I’m feeling happy, excited, and a little warm & fuzzy to be sharing with you this haul. I’ve been wanting to volunteer for a really long time (over three years, since I volunteered at YouthLaw) and today I finally made it happen, and will be starting tomorrow!

It seems like it was meant to be. Trade Aid was always my first choice, even though there were many other organisations to volunteer for. I love their products and even more the ethics behind why they sell them. It just so happens that the closest store to me was looking for volunteers, and not simply students looking for experience. I assured the manager that after four years of working full-time, I deliberately chose to work part-time to spend a day of each week volunteering, and I’m overjoyed that she sees me as the right person.

These are all products I chose and bought myself, with my own money, at full price – I’m simply passionate about fair trade 🙂 

Here’s what I got:

  • Certified organic, vegan cinnamon from PODIE (People’s Organisation for Development Import & Export), Sri Lanka
  • Certified organic, vegan drinking chocolate from CONACADO, Dominican Republic, Paraguay


  • Certified organic, vegan wholegrain jasmine rice from Thailand
  • Certified organic, vegan golden granulated sugar from Manduvira Co-Operative, Paraguay
  • Certified organic, vegan Rooibos tea from Heiveld Co-operative, South Africa


  • Certified organic, vegan black tea from small-scale farmers in India
  • Certified organic, gluten free chocolate from Sweet Justice, New Zealand (using cooperatively farmed cocoa from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru and golden granulated sugar from Paraguay)

Of course, I have some favourites!

  • Certified organic, vegan Earl Grey tea and certified organic, vegan Masala Chai tea from small-scale farmers in India  these are SO full-bodied, rich and aromatic!


  • Honey and Jasmine essential oil scented soap from Palam Rural Centre, India – I had to get these because I couldn’t stop sniffing the gorgeous scents – especially honey, which uses real beeswax. Not only are they high quality fair trade soaps, they’re natural & vegan, not containing unnecessary chemicals or animal products. I washed my makeup brushes with them which left them super soft and clean!


  • Certified organic, vegan coconut oil from Fair Trade Alliance Kerala, India – this coconut oil is smooth, sweet and fresh; I love using it for skincare & body products.


  • Vegan dried mango from fair trade foundation PREDA in southern Philippines – these were sweet, tangy & tropical, some of the most delicious dried mangoes I’ve tried!

If you’re wondering why I’m passionate about fair trade:

I love knowing that, by doing something as simple as buying your everyday products like food, tea, and soap, you’re helping to make a difference – to create a world where trade is fair for all, improving producers’ lives through better pay which in turn gives them better education, healthcare and community development. In some cases, it even helps farmers stay in their villages, instead of having to leave to seek work elsewhere.

Your dollar makes a difference, and in return you get some absolutely beautiful, authentic, high quality products that are healthier for you – I see that as a win-win!

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