This Moment is Perfect.

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Don’t wait to be happy. This moment is perfect. Yes, this one.. The one you are living and breathing at this very moment.

Take a look around you. What do you see, smell, and hear; perhaps taste? Remember how you manifested this? Yes – YOU manifested everything you have in your life right now. If you don’t believe me, remember how everything you have now was once something you wanted?

You said ‘yes’ to every opportunity that led to creating your life as it is now:

The house you live in.

The clothes you are wearing.

The job you have.

The computer, laptop, phone or tablet you are reading this on.

The money in your bank account.

The people in your life.

The food you have to nourish your mind, body and soul.

All of these are either subconscious or conscious manifestations, created by you, shaped by your inner values and beliefs. Your inner values guide you, and your beliefs may either limit you or create limitless possibilities – you choose.

If everything you have now is everything you consciously, lovingly chose, and is still bettering you, helping you grow, helping you to become a better person.. Take a moment not to simply acknowledge. Really stop and be immensely grateful.

For me, this moment is perfect.

I am sitting in a house I am fortunate to call my own. When I think about all the ways that it can be ‘fixed’ and perfected, I forget that this house was once all I wanted. (I didn’t sleep for a week during the buying process!)

My partner is beside me, watching TV. We have been together for over two years, and at times when I think about all the trivial annoyances in our relationship, I forget that he is the love of my life and was once all I wanted – that, on our first date among colourful neon lights & rollercoasters, and when we promised to be each other’s, I described him as ‘my dream come true’.

I am using a laptop I was once overjoyed to have. Yes, it has several minor, inconvenient problems. But rewind two years.. The morning after I got what was a brand new, 17.3″ laptop. I had spent the most blissful morning in bed, with fresh air, sunshine, and my new discovery of Netflix. I was so happy to have a laptop after not having one for half a year!

I have work to do. What seems like a lot of it. And yet, it is work I have manifested to myself, and in fact, work I have consciously and eagerly wanted. My passion for photography gives me yet another income stream, allows me immense freedom of my time & work location, and responsibility to deliver beautiful photos – but also for my personal + professional growth! And the fact that I have (paid) work to do? It means that people appreciate and see value in my creative skill and talent.

I am listening to music I love; specifically, Willowbank by Yumi Zouma, an album I was once incredibly excited about and couldn’t wait to have – until one afternoon, when my partner surprised me with the CD. Synth-pop is so uplifting, and just now I did a happy dance. It reminds me of the fun and liberating cacao ceremony & ecstatic dance I attended last week, where we enjoyed the ancient medicine raw cacao and danced how we wanted, releasing all stress and worries, completely free of judgment.

But why wait until I am enjoying cacao to fully love and embrace life? Why wait until I am in a space of ecstatic dance to extend non-judgmental gentleness and compassion to myself? Why not honour the divine and magic in every moment?

If for any reason everything you have now is not what you consciously manifested and is no longer bettering you, helping you grow, helping you to become a better person.. The good news is that you can change whatever you want. Whenever you want. It is a matter of your own mindset; your own limitations: one day, or day one? You can create your dream life by simply deciding and committing to it. My favourite quote for this is simple but profound;

“If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.”

This moment is perfect.

What do you have now that was once everything you wanted?


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