Manifesting My Dream Life

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Manifesting My Dream Life

Hi friends,

I hope you’re all having a fantastic week! Mine has been wonderful, following a weekend at the Cherry Blossom Festival in the Waikato, then going to a friend’s cosy birthday dinner. We also visited my partner’s parents – where, much to my joy, I got to take some beautiful cherry blossoms home. Our house now feels very special and sentimental: handmade candles made by me, a handmade wooden shelf made by my partner, and homegrown cherry blossoms from his parents. I even bought some pohutukawa flowers to decorate and I couldn’t be happier!

This Monday was absolutely perfect. My day was nothing special, but consisted of everything that is, for me, synonymous with simplicity, joy, and pure bliss:

I woke up mid-morning, around 10am. I ate a real breakfast, admired my fresh flowers, and worked on my photography. I went out and picked up new candle jars & fragrances, then shopped for organic food & essential oils.

In the evening, I came home to realise that I was living the life I had always wanted – and that I had manifested it all.

Let me explain. When I got home, my heart was feeling so full that I remember wishing I could bottle up some of my happiness and save it for a rainy day. I was recalling all the things that had made my day so wonderful, when something hit me: it somehow sounded very familiar. Could it be..?

I immediately searched through my old 2016 and 2017 diaries, and there they were. Times when I had dreamt, written, and ultimately manifested the life of my dreams. Proof that the Law of Attraction, and manifestation, however slow and gradual, is real.

Here’s what was written in my diary on 25th April 2017:

In a year, I want to be

Working part-time 3 days a week

Running my online store

Free on one entire day to volunteer and work on my blog/photography

Along with a long, detailed visualisation exercise I had done late 2016, a few pages back.

I couldn’t believe it. It was my life now in a nutshell!

At the time I wrote that, I was working full-time, commuting to the city every day, losing two hours everyday because of that, doing a job that didn’t excite me nor did I find meaningful. I spent my days sitting in an office doing tedious and monotonous work.

It was just a far away dream that I could accomplish any of this. At the time, I was thinking: how would I ever make it happen?

Now, my answer for my younger self is: by doing it one step at a time.

I didn’t wake up one day and have everything I wanted. I went through months of job seeking and dealing with all the ups & downs that came with it. I photographed, designed, wrote about, and listed each candle on my online store one at a time, and it took weeks. I took 6 months to become accredited at my volunteer workplace, Citizens Advice Bureau, by learning about all the things I would have to give advice about. And, of course, it took me time to find the right blog style that fit, to write about myself & my experiences, to put my best work out there and to promote my photography.

In fact, this journey had been very gradual. Throughout all of this, I had been on and off anti-depressant medication, for one. I also got distracted from my goals often by trying to do everything at once, all the time. But what surprises me is that the dream life I had visualised, and the goals I had written down in my diaries, is what my life eventually became – once I put the intention out there.

But to me, manifestation is a work in progress. While I am extremely grateful to have manifested much of what I wanted, I still have so much more I would like to accomplish. So today, I am going to set more intentions, and I encourage you to too. Here’s an idea to prompt your imagination: what would your dream life look like, a year from now, if you had no limitations and all the time & money you needed?

My personal tips for manifesting the life you want:

Do what you love. This sounds extremely cliche without context, but I now understand why it is so important: because what you love is NOT random. It is your intuitive inner self guiding you to your true path. When you do what you love, your passion leads you to your purposewhatever it is that you are meant to give.

Be specific. When I started thinking about what I wanted my life to look like, I initially started with “working part-time so I can do volunteer work.” But then I got specific, and wrote down “3 days a week”. I also added that I wanted one entire free day – and now I have several. In fact, Monday is a perfect example of that! In every visualisation, I also wrote down why I wanted more free time and what I would do with it (funny enough each one of them included a bit about shopping organic).

Get intentional. Once you’ve set your intentions and worked out your specific goals, visualise your life as if they have already happened and as if you are truly living it already. Feel your energy shift as you feel light, free, excited, and inspired about your day. Use that as momentum to get your ideas & inspiration flowing and to start creating the life you have always wanted!

Give out the energy you want to receive. Following my realisation this week, I’ve come across positivity and generosity from everyone I’ve encountered. It’s almost miraculous! I then realised that I had extended generosity to others very recently, too – in the form of my time, money, gifts, or simple kindness. I feel that this is perhaps why passionate advocates of the Law of Attraction, or personal finance gurus, always emphasize that no matter where you are at, you need to give – because it removes energy blocks; of feeling a sense of lack. And giving to others – in whatever form – only creates more abundance, in the world and for you.

What am I working on manifesting next? Many things. In the next year or two, I’d like to make these dreams happen:

Getting married to my love.

Travelling to Japan on our honeymoon.

Being 100% debt free.

Buying a treadmill (not just any, but the specific one I’ve been looking at that’s perfect for me).

Travelling to Bali.

Finding a part-time job that’s also meaningful, inspiring, and offers a healthy, positive work culture.

Advancing my photography, Photoshop & Lightroom skills.

Writing a book/e-book that inspires others.

Living a life that sparks joy.

Something I once read and love about reaching your goals: don’t say, “I can’t do it.” Say, “How can I do it?”

So I’d like to ask again: what would your dream life look like, a year from now, if you had no limitations and all the time & money you needed?


To read more about the financial side of my lifestyle, check out my personal finance blog here!


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