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During my personal growth journey I’ve come across some life-changing resources to stay inspired, find calm, and stay on top of positive habits. Here are my favourites. Because these have all helped me a lot, I’d love to share and hope you will find them incredibly helpful too!

TED talks
The first TED talks I ever watched on minimalism.
The Art of Letting Go | The Minimalists
A Rich Life with Less Stuff | The Minimalists

The Happiness Project One of my favourite books, this inspired me to do my own Happiness Project in 2014. Instead of a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions, I worked on monthly, specific goals in health, money, love and spirituality just to name a few, and became a better, stronger person for it.

Get Your Sh*t Together An honest, funny, helpful book with handwritten flowcharts and practical methods.

good My favourite magazine, good is about ‘conscious-living people who love life, style and the planet’. I love the comprehensive yet lighthearted articles, that are full of interesting new knowledge and authentic content.

Broke Millennial Before significantly reducing my debt, earning passive income and consistently saving, I used to be a broke millennial so can definitely relate to the title! The author uses practical steps and personal anecdotes to help millennials take control of their finances.

Becoming Minimalist A minimalism blog where I often find inspiration.

The Financial Diet The blog of Youtube channel TFD. I love how they talk about money in a way that’s simple, light-hearted but powerful.

Calm My favourite meditaton app when I just want to do a ‘body scan’ – remembering to breathe. I love the soothing sounds and backgrounds, from pouring rain to birds singing, mountains & lakes to the ocean at sunset.

Stop Breathe & Think My favourite meditation app for when I need to change my perspective. After selecting your top 5 emotions for the day, the app will choose the best guided meditation for you – whether it’s to relax and ground yourself, practise compassion and forgiveness, or to fall asleep.

Monefy A fantastic money app I really enjoy using. Incredibly user-friendly, Monefy simplifies your savings + spendings using simple visuals, and lets you sort by categories and dates. Such a useful tool!

Frank Stationery A New Zealand stationery store, every book you buy donates a school book to a child living in poverty. I use their 2017 Diary, A5 Pink Journal and Pocket Notebooks, all of which are beautifully designed and incredibly useful.

Trade Aid A not for profit organisation that brings change through fair trade. I love getting my essentials from them, such as organic + fair trade sugar, tea, rice and coffee.

The Financial Diet as mentioned above. They are amazing!

Beat The Bush The channel of an ‘un-salesman’, he is brilliant. His videos talk about money and finance in an incredibly honest way and convinces you NOT to buy things you think you need.

Annie Tarasova I love her videos on spirituality and philosophy. She makes stunning travel videos too.

Rachellea An Australian Youtuber who makes great videos on beauty, fashion & lifestyle.

Sarah Nourse
 The first minimalist Youtuber I watched, Sarah’s channel is fun and inspiring – it’s especially relevant to those who want to fulfill their dream of living overseas.

muchelleb One of my favourite minimalist / lifestyle Youtubers, I especially love her Simplify My Life challenge!

Xandria Ooi Incredibly helpful, wise life advice that helps you to be your best self and overcome your ego.

FemmeHead An inspiring lifestyle channel by Victoria, who I love watching because she’s so refreshing and down-to-earth. I love her thoughts, her personality, her energy – everything!


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